Big Foot

“Big Foot is a creature of camouflage and um lives in the mountains.  He is a big, white, furry creature that lives in the snow. He comes out and eats people when he gets angry.  I first um heard about Big Foot when I was going skiing with my family.  They told me to watch out for Big Foot, because if I wandered off he would eat me.  He also has big feet.”
She heard this legend from her family when she was about 6 or 7 years old.  She thinks it’s significance is not to wander off when you are in the snow.  The mountains can be a dangerous place when you are skiing and if no one warns you to stay close you can fall into the lightly packed snow or get lost in the forest.

Under the context that my informant heard this folklore I understand that the story is meant to scare children from wandering off on their own.  Since her and her family are originally from Costa Rica and to my knowledge there is no skiing in the country, perhaps her parents picked up the story from earlier ski trips where other families told the tale.  There does not seem to be anything significant from her heritage in this story, so this is probably an example of folklore that has spread but has not yet been made into an oicotype in her native land.