Bloody Mary and family nights

Stories such as the bloody Mary was a way to interact with the whole family by simply getting together enjoying snacks and having the adults tell scary stories that would terrify the children as we gathered together it was one of those moments where the whole family was content disregarding all the problems that were going on among each other it was a way of enjoying the time we had together. It affects me by knowing the importance of family bonding and wanting to be a part of it.  So when I get older I can continue it by doing it to my children or nephews and nieces I know that my family has been doing this for quite a while I think my great-great grandparents started this, but I am not 100% sure. Although I do know the reason why they started this family tradition for my great-great-grandparents used to live in a house next to the cemetery, so they would claim to see or hear things then tell their children in a more suspenseful way the house was literally five feet away from the cemetery. Almost every family member lived in that house except for my generation, however a way they shared theses stories with such little details made it seem as it though we were there at that very moment.

Family nights are a very common event for many Latin American families, and therefore although they might be seen as scary, they provide a way for the family to interact and a common folklore ideal to bond over, and many times food is cooked together which makes them bond over culture even more.