Brazilian Festival: Festa Junina

Informant: Festa Junina is a Festival in Brazil is the celebration of St John Baptist, my informant cant remember exactly. he remembers it being a famous old guy and you celebrate the middle of Winter in Brazil. It is about coming together and eating good food!

Context: My informant remembers wearing jeans and a red flannel with a fake mustache and a straw hat to the holiday when he was younger. He mentioned that Festa Junina is a big thing in their younger schools as its mostly the parents dropping off the kids to school and they have this party called Festa Junina. All the kids dress up as farmers or lumberjacks.

Analysis: This Brazilian Holiday is pretty similar to a few holidays in American. It is a big holiday for the young kids in Brazil sort of like Halloween in the US they also dress up for the party/Holiday. Similar to the Carnival in Brazil they celebrate good times and getting through the winter and eating food with those around them.