Brazilian Superstitions

Informant Information 
Nationality: Brazilian American 
Occupation: Student
Residence: California 
Date of Performance/Collection: Apr 27, 2022
Primary Language: English 

My informant is a good friend of mine and we started talking about her Brazillian culture in McDonald’s after our bible study.

S- There’s so many random superstitions. So like this one scares me because it’s happened to me once so I believe it now but maybe it was just bad timing and chocolate but it’s if you point at the sky and point at the stars and the moon you going to end up with a big mole or pimple on your nose like a witch. So I got it one time and I had a pimple the next morning and so I was so mad about it so now when I point at the sky, I use my knuckle. Or like if you keep your flip-flops up like upside-down, that means you want your mother dead. There’s some weird witchcraft ones.

I didn’t know that the superstitions existed and after talking with S, I’m definitely going to make sure that I don’t point at the moon or the stars or keep my flip-flops upside down.