Butterfly Song – Korea

Original Script:

나비야 나비야

이리 날아 오너라

노랑 나비, 흰 나비

춤을 추며 오너라


봄바람에 꽃잎도

방긋방긋 웃으며

참새도 짹짹짹

노래하며 춤춘다

Phonetic (Roman) Script:

nabiya nabiyauh

iri nara onuhra

norang nabi huin nabi

choomul choomyuh onuhra


bombabarameh ggotipdo

banggutbangut ootumy

chamsedo jjekjjekjjek

norehamyuh choomchoonda


Hey butterfly, Hey butterfly

Come fly over here

Yellow butterfly, white butterfly

Come over here while dancing


Petals dance in the breeze too

Smiling, smiling, laughing

Sparrows chirp, chirp, chirp

Singing as they dance


My mom was born in South Korean, but moved to America when she was 16 years old. She told me that she had learned this song about 45 years ago when she was in first grade. This was one of the many songs taught during her music class. Unlike some of the other songs my mom taught me, the butterfly song is a nursery rhyme that seems to be well-known by almost every Korean child. Nursery rhymes are important for young children because it helps them develop an understanding of the language. For me personally, singing this song helped me with my Korean.