Cabin 2: The Haunted Cabin

Cabin 2

Informant: I was in there as a C.I.T with Christina and I slept through it, but as I recall. . . because remember I’m really old . . .but its one of those things where the lights kept going on, during the night. It wasn’t the light switch. Like the light switch wasn’t up, but the lights kept going on, so its not like some kid was messing with us. So it wasn’t like Christina would wake up and the light switch would be on type of thing. The lights were going on, but it wasn’t from the light switched being switched within the cabin. And I remember we kind of talked about, oh maybe it was from outside . . .  Let’s put it this way, the lights kept going on  . .  no one took credit for turning the lights on and Christina actually made us change cabins to Cabin 3 because Christina was so freaked out about the cabin.

Interviewer: Approximately what year did this happen?

Informant: O.K . . . if I was a C.I.T, I was probably fifteen. So fifteen, so that would be 1986.

Interviewer: Is there a history of it being haunted?

Informant: Well you always hear, everybody kind of always hears or talks about, one of those first three cabins, though people say different cabins. I say #2, that’s the one in the middle I say #2 other people say different ones. There are always rumors, every year everyone talks about one of those cabins up there being haunted. In my personal experience, it was Cabin 2, so much to the extent that we actually changed cabins.

Interviewer’s notes:

This legend is a perfect example of the multiplicity and variation of folklore. Every year, the story comes back, but with slight variation, especially regarding which cabin is actually haunted. It is this speculation, which keeps the legend alive year to year. Campers think “well it could be true, it could be my cabin”. It could happen to any camper in any cabin since the actual location of the “haunting” has not been pin pointed, which keeps the excitement and the story going. The fact that this tale has persisted since 1986 is testament to that fact. Also, this tale could be an outward projection of many fears that campers face when confronted with being away from home. The various “hauntings” could stem from the generalized anxiety of many campers.