Cancer Remedy

  1. Main Piece: Drinking a blend of Turmeric, Garlic and Honey every day can cure cancer
  2. Informant Background:
    1. What is it: It is a cure for Cancer. in fact, it is seen as a cure for all health abnormalities.
    2. Where did you learn: I heard rumors of the incredible healing powers of this blend when I was growing up in my village, however it was only after I read several books on homeopathy that it came to my attention what this blend was actually capable of.
    3. Do you believe that it works? Absolutely
    4. Then why do doctors not prescribe it? Because their is no money for them to make in prescribing such a homeopathic treatment.
  3. Context of Folk Belief: Medicinal Purposes
  4. My Thoughts: I have been told by my mother and my grandmother about the healing properties of Turmeric, however I do not believe that it can be a cancer-curing process. I have no doubt that it helps your body maintain equilibrium, and that it is also healthy to intake (garlic and honey have also been widely accepted as benefactors for health), however I do not believe it’s power to be that vast. I believe that homeopathic books have exaggerated the power that they possess.