Cats vs. Dogs, Armenian tale

Context: This tale was performed in the apartment of the informant to an audience of 3 people.

Background: This tale was told to the informant by her father, who is Armenian.

“So this is the story of why cats and dogs don’t like each other. Back in the day cats were seen as tailors, and the dogs were seen as I guess common people. So dogs would bring wool to cats for them to make hats and stuff with the wool. The dog asked the cat to make a hat for him, and the cat says, “OK OK OK.” The dog comes back next week and says “Is my hat ready?” the cat says, “Next week it will be ready.” The dog comes back the following week and asks “Is my hat ready?” The cat again says, “Next week.” The dog comes for a third week and asks, “Is my hat ready?” and the cat again says “No.” This goes on, and explains why cats and dogs do not like each other today. Because the cat never finished the hat for the dog. ”

This myth seems to indicate that Armenians may favor dogs over cats, as the dog is painted as the victim in this story.