Chinese Superstition: Bed facing the Doorway

  1. My mother shared with me a Chinese superstition:

“If a bed is facing a doorway, that is extremely bad luck. I mean to say, if the feet are facing the doorway, not the head. I’ve heard that it calls in bad spirits and omens to come and drag you by your feet and out through the doorway while you’re asleep.”

  1. She had heard this superstition from her own mother when she had asked why she couldn’t place her bed in that specific way in her bedroom. She had said that her friend had her room set up in this way and she thought it looked nicer, so she wanted to try it as well. Her mom refused and then shared this superstition with her. My mother believed this, and stopped asking to shift the bed this way. Her friend that had had her bedroom set up in this way was ill a lot of the time, which my mother believed then must have been due to this superstition. Just to be precautious, she still abides by this superstition and will not set up any bedrooms in her home in this way.
  2. This superstition can easily be dismissed as false and untrue by many, so I believe you should be cautious if you decide to share this with others. My mother was told this superstition because her family strongly believes in superstitions such as these, so I believe that in this situation it makes more sense to share such a belief.
  3. I personally do not believe or agree with this superstition, but at the same time my room has never been set up in this way. If in the future I find it necessary to place my bed in front of the doorway, I believe that I would without much thought to this superstition, but only because I do not think you should necessarily allow yourself to be swayed by something like this.