Chinese Weddings

“There were many Chinese girls that didn’t have sex before the wedding and on the wedding night old people like men and superior persons in the family put like a kind of like close in like a white close in on the back and so for the woman’s first time there’s some kind of bloody thing on the cloth and you know and some people make it like the handkerchief so it has that nice red thing on the clothing. This clothing is made like a handkerchief thing so it stains. It’s very popular in asian culture. It’s a long time ago. They don’t do that today. Very Asian thing.”

2. My friend achieved this knowledge just by growing up in the culture. He doesn’t remember anyone really telling him anything. He did say that he hasn’t been to a wedding like this because no one really does it like this anymore.

3. The context of this story is my friend’s dorm room. I practically just walked in and asked him if he could let me record him saying some folklore. This piece was mentioned when I asked him to divert from tales and go into traditions a little bit more.

4. He tended to believe that this was generalized to the Chinese people. However, I’ve recognized that this practice, although with multiplicity and variation, throughout the entirety of the globe. For example, I know that in ancient Hebrew culture wedding ceremonies were quite similar. They would consummate the marriage at the wedding and toss a bloody rag over a curtain. These practices have obviously evolved over time and the view of sex has as well. Because of this, the Chinese practices have changed, but according to my friend, the Chinese still value waiting for marriage to have sex very highly. In that sense, these old customs still influence the current day.