Contemporary Legend

When I just turned sixteen and everyone was getting their new cars they all wanted to experiment with this legend.  We had all heard about it and wondered if it was true.

The story was that there was a hill.  You had to drive quite a long way to get to this hill.  Usually, it was close to a cemetery.  All the people in the car would park their car facing up the hill and then put the car in neutral.  They would get out of the car and wait for what would happen.  Supposedly, the car would begin to move UP the hill by itself.  Allegedly, it was the ghosts from the cemetery that pushed the car up the hill.

I have heard this story in many places.  For instance, in Chicago, California and even in Connecticut, where my cousins live.  It seems as though all the teenagers of this age seem to have this same story and belief.  However, younger children and adults are not usually familiar with this peculiar event, of the car moving up the hill.

Probably the reason why this legend developed was because the teenagers are just beginning to drive.  They are all a little scared of this huge responsibility that driving entails, especially what can happen to them at night while driving.  Therefore, this story reminds them that they need to be in control of their driving in order to feel comfortable and for nothing bad to happen.