Contemporary Legend – Akron, OH

Haunted Locker Room

Jimmy told me of this unnatural occurrence that happened at his high school in Akron, Ohio. Apparently in the 1950’s there was a student who felt extremely picked on and really just didn’t like his life. So one day he went into the boy’s locker room down below and hung himself from a pipe in there. Since then people have claimed to be in there alone and find all the showers turned on so the place steams up. Others have reported being there alone and hearing the toilet flush. Others simply feel a presence as though something else is there. Jimmy tells me this locker room always scared him not because of the haunting but because it had no windows and seemed like a cellar or prison to him. He did tell me his younger brother was in there one day by himself and felt a cold chill come over him followed by several lockers being slammed shut. He couldn’t believe it, it did not make sense because of the fact there were no windows. Both Jimmy and his brother were skeptical about the ghost until this happened.

Jimmy told me his thoughts on this haunted locker room commenting that it’s a great urban legend that some people take seriously, yet others believe to be just that, an urban legend. He himself was a skeptic until the experience his brother had. Now he tells me he feels you just never know what is possible. There could be this insanely powerful force out there and one part of that force is causing things like this to occur. Its all pretty mind blowing. Its definitely a story that will live on for a long time.

In my opinion, this story definitely has all the characteristic aspects of a ghost tale as far as a person loathing his life, dying and haunting the location where he roamed. This idea is often portrayed in movies and haunted houses at carnivals and amusement parks. We have a strange fascination with the idea of ghosts and the afterlife because it is one of those unknown topics. We create these ideas in our head in order to cope with the possibility of what lies in store for us when our time here is done.