Contemporary Legend – Boise, Idaho

There’s a legend that is kind of like a ghost story, but it’s kind of like an urban legend, near Boise, kind of up in the mountains there’s this street kind of on a hill and apparently a girl was run over by a school bus or something, like a small girl, so the story goes that if you park on that hill with your car and you take the emergency brake off and you just sit there the car will move up the hill because the girl is pushing the car up the hill.

This is a ghost story and urban legend in one piece of folklore. Here a girl’s ghost is pushing cars up the hill where she was run over by a bus. The urban legend part is that you can experience this by stopping on the hill and not using you emergency brake. Stephanie heard the story from a friend as they were driving past the hill. They were in a hurry, so they were unable to stop and try the legend out for themselves, so the mystery still remains for them. Another part of the ghost story is that if after you get out of your car you can see foot prints behind your car.

Stephanie thought that this legend continues to be popular because people still go out and try to see if they park on the hill and take their emergency brake off, if their car will go up the hill. She believes that it is popular because if give people something to do on the weekends and when they are really bored.

This also means that the audience that is most likely going to keep this legend continuing are going to be teenagers with cars. If you do not have a car, or can not drive I don’t think that this legend is going to be as interesting for you. I would find it interesting to try if I was bored. It seems like it would be really interesting if something like this could happen.