Contemporary Legend – Monterrey Park, California

“Jello contains meat”


Kenneth heard the legend from friends during middle school (in Monterrey Park).

Collector’s comments

I recall having heard this legend myself. Often, I noticed that vegetarians would speak of this legend and actually avoid consuming JELL-O brand gelatin.

Personally, it seemed a bit ridiculous that people would claim such a thing. Why would something that is traditionally made with a small packet of powder and water contain any “meat”?

After researching this legend, it turns out that JELL-O brand gelatin is indeed made from the boiled bones and hides of cows and pigs. This is processed heavily until it turns into the familiar colorful powder in a packet. But due to the amount of processing done, JELL-O is not officially labeled a meat or animal product by the government.

It seems that the majority of Americans (including myself) dismiss this legend and continue to enjoy their JELL-O.