I have often heard Josh refer to cookies with this weird sound and I finally asked him when he had started doing it.

“So as everyone who knows me well knows, I really love a good chocolate chip cookie. How-however I grew up knowing the cookie as being called [sound]. Because my grandpa was the first one to ever give me a cookie, and he introduced the cookie as [sound]. And the reason that he kept calling this delicacy [sound] instead of how every other child would call it, cookie, was because he used to go, in Brooklyn, to all the Brooklyn Dodger basebal games and there was a player called Harry Arthur Cookie…Lavagetto. So I used to be made fun of as a kid because I thought that…that beautiful thing that tasted so sweet and good was [sound] instead of just cookie. And I will still, to this day, call it [sound] because it’s way better that way.”