Croatian Wedding in 1964

Croatian Wedding in 1964:

ME: What was your wedding like in 1964, Croatia?

V.H.: In the morning we get up, I fixed my hair, I dressed up, and around one o’clock we go to church. S. comes too, and we had a ceremony in church. After that, we go a little around the village, and one guy had an accordion, he made music, and young kids were singings. After four or five o’clock, at the H. house, his Mom and Dad, and my Mom and Dad fixed the table and made food. We ate dinner, it was a meal like regular meals, with soup, and bacon meat, like that. And then we had cake, and after that, we had singing and accordion music, and after midnight everyone left.

ME: Thank you for letting me know your wedding experience.


V.H. explains what went on during her wedding day, being wedded to her husband S.H. in 1964. This wedding was done according to the traditions of the Zadar region of Dalmatia, Croatia, and included a visit to church, and a later afternoon and early evening celebration that lasted up until midnight. Various phases were experienced, such as the dinner meal, the cake, and the music. To this day, the clothing this couple wore on their wedding day also survives.