Danish Family Tradition – Danish Aebleskivers for Christmas Breakfast

Tradition: Every year for Christmas breakfast, a family with a Danish heritage gathers to eat Danish Aebleskivers together.

The informant is a 21 year old Caucasian male, who lives in Southern California.

Informant: Every year for Christmas, for breakfast, we make Danish Aebleskivers. It’s a pancake basically that’s in a ball, and in the center you can put like fruit and stuff in the middle. And my grandma is 100% Danish, so that’s her way of living her Danish side, I don’t know. But my aunt used to make Aebleskivers, and then did that when she got too old to do it. And my dad has spent 3 years training me, and I’m now the Danish Aebleskiver maker for my family.

Collector: Why do you like to do this tradition, and what does this tradition mean to you?

Informant: It connects us to our Danish heritage and they’re really good. And it’s been part of the family too because every year, we do the breakfast at my family’s house, so the whole family’s there and we eat the Aebleskivers.

Collector: Is this from your dad’s side of the family?

Informant: Yeah, so my dad is half Danish and half Portugese, so yeah.

I think the fact that the informant’s family gathers together every year for Christmas breakfast is a way to keep in touch with their loved ones. In addition, eating homemade Danish Aebleskivers reminds them of their roots and heritage. It’s important for each generation to preserve and maintain the tradition in the family.

Danish Aebleskiver