Dite from Madrid

Main Piece:

  1. Como cuando Franco.
  2. Like when Franco.
  3. Just like when Franco was here.

Background information about the piece by the informant: Jordi lives in a predominantly right winged neighborhood in Madrid where the former military dictator Francisco Franco is considered a hero. Jordi finds the dite baffling, as he is amazed at how people can still support a known mass murderer and oppressor.

Context on the piece: This is a common saying for people who believe that Spain was better under Franco’s rule. It is said whenever something they consider to be good happening in their land, and it could be something as big as a political move or something as minimal as the weather. For example, if they think they are having a nice day, they might say “Just like when Franco was here”.

Thoughts on the piece: It’s fascinating to see how people from a land are so attached to the politics that perspired in there. In this case it makes even more sense, as Franco’s ideals were nationalistic and populist. Thus, it would it is understandable that these people that feel attached to their land and nation glorify Franco to such a degree, as he protected the ideals of the nation state.