Don’t Go to Bed With Wet Hair

Background: Informant spent his whole childhood, from age 2 to 18, in China. This was told to me over a FaceTime call.

Informant: One of my Chinese friends never goes to bed with wet hair. She said it’s a superstition that you aren’t supposed to.

Me: Why is that?

Informant: Like… you’re not supposed to shower before bed since your hair will be wet when you go to sleep. Going to bed with wet hair is bad luck and you could get sick from it, which is bad luck.

Thoughts: This is an interesting superstition, because there’s really some truth in it. It is possible to get sick from being cold and wet, however going to bed with wet hair probably isn’t enough for that to be the case. What I find even more interesting is that being sick is associated with bad luck.