Don’t Shower When Sick

“So when I’m sick, my mom tells me not to take a shower. Like even if I’m sick for a week, she doesn’t let me shower. She says not to wash your hair because it will make the cold worse. If you sit around with wet hair your body will absorb the cold wetness and it will make you miserable. And even when you aren’t sick, you can’t wash your hair and go out in the cold with wet hair. You need to dry your hair before going out. Also you can’t have your feet uncovered or you will get sick. That’s why I always wear socks when I’m around the house.”

The informant was born in Ventura, CA but her father is from Mexico City and her mother is from Guadalajara. She is bilingual in Spanish and English and partakes in many of the Mexican customs.

She said her mom always told her this, and her dad agrees as well. However, it’s her mom who constantly reminds her to put socks on if she’s barefoot, or to dry her hair before she goes outside.

My parents have told me similar things about not going out with wet hair if it’s cold outside. I’m not sure it really impacts your health in that way, but it’s a very popular myth. I always wondered why Hispanics and Latinos are always usually seen wear some type of footwear, even indoors, and now I understand why.