Dream comes True


The following story is collected from my friend. He lived in Turkey for the most part of his life. He talks about a Turkish tradition in this collection. This interview is done on phone. “A” refers to me, the collector. And “B” refers to the participant.


A:” Did you experience anything you can call supernatural?”


B: “I was planning to go to South America with my friends. I month before the trip, I saw a dream. In the dream, I was in Buenos Aires with my friends. I was walking in the city and saw a two floor building. I can remember very specifically, there were graffitis of bananas. The building was selling only bananas. I told to myself, why there is such a random building in Buenos Aires. Then a month later, I went to Buenos Aires. I was walking randomly without having a destination. Then suddenly… I saw the exact same building in my dreams. I was shocked because, everyone can experience something in their real life that is similar to what they have seen in their dreams, but this was very specific. Never experienced something like this. I even took the photo of the building. And again, I had to aim while walking. There should be thousands of streets in the city, and I was walking randomly.”


A: “How do you explain this?”


B: “I think what we dream, can happen in the future sometimes. Maybe when we sleep, we have a connection to the parallel universe.”