Dryer Murderer

The Dryer Murderer

“You guys I just heard um the craziest story about some chick in England.   Yea umm she apparently was like babysitting these two kids in some Townhouse or something like that… No wait. An um apartment with a basement.  And she put the kids to bed and was just hanging out upstairs. When she heard the dryer ding bell thing come from the basement. And like at first she didn’t pay attention to it but then she started to get annoyed.  She thought something was a little fishy about it… Wait yea I’m not sure why she thought it was weird…but whatever. Then she called the kids parents and was ‘like do you guys have laundry that needs to be folded or something?’  They said they didn’t have any laundry so the girl called the cops. When the cops came they found a man in the basement just waiting with a huge knife to kill her!  He was trying to lure her down there with the bell!
Sooooo if you ever hear a dryer ding think twice…hahahaha!!”

My friend told this story when we were waiting for our laundry in the back of our apartment complex.  I suppose the dryer ‘ding’ reminded her of this legend.  I asked her to retell me it so that I could record it for this collection.  She told me that she heard of this tale in Canada when at summer camp near Toronto when she was younger and is always reminded to check twice before entering a basement when she is alone.

Overall this story is a great spooky tale.  I do not think this has ever truly happened based on some research on the topic, but the urban legend is a good reminder to be careful as well as an entertaining story for kids entering their first babysitting jobs which can be a terror in themselves.