Dumb Blonde Jokes

“Why did the dumb blonde stare at the orange juice carton for hours? It said concentrate.”

“How do you kill a blonde? Put a scratch-n-sniff sticker at the bottom of a pool.”

“How do you drive a blonde crazy? Put them in a circular room and tell them to find a corner.”

Matthew is a high school student in Fullerton, California. Matthew learned these jokes from people in junior high. He especially found this joke because I have blonde hair, and so he found it fun to tell the joke while also poking fun at me. He said that he would share these jokes to people on his sports teams.  He also suggest the jokes are so funny because blondes are “usually stupid,” and thus the jokes share, for him, an element of truth. Matthew says that he likes to share jokes with his friends because it helps them bond and have fun together.

This series of jokes represents just three of a very long list of jokes based on the dumb blonde stereotype.  I think the jokes are funny, but I also think that the jokes can be switched out based on who the dumb stereotypes belongs to.  People who are blonde may have to face this stereotype in different settings including the academic setting.  When this series of jokes are shared and preformed, the jokes are usually not just shared by one person but many add their own jokes.

Because the jokes are so popular, the jokes show up in modern media and literature.  For instance, in the book Breaking Dawn from the Twilight series – popular in the adolescent generation – the following joke is shared, “You know how to drown a blonde… Glue a mirror to the bottom of a pool.” This joke is very similar to the formerly mentioned scratch and sniff sticker joke.  These jokes implying that blondes are so dumb that they would be too preoccupied with a scratch and sniff sticker or a mirror that they would not realize they are drowning.

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