Dyatlov Pass

The following story is collected from my friend. She lived in Russia for the most part of her life. Then she lived in England for few years and now lives in L.A. She talks about a famous event, which up to this day not solved. This interview is done face-to-face. “A” refers to me, the collector. And “B” refers to the participant.

A: “Is there any legend you can tell me about?”

B: “American director made movies about this. The story is called “dyatlov of pass” in English, I think. There were 6 teens from my city’s university. It was part of their vacation or something to go to Ural mountains. So they took a trip to the mountain. One of the girls wanted to go with them but she broke her leg just before the trip, so she could not go. She stayed but 5 of them went to the mountain. They had to return in few days but they did not come back. So a search team is sent and they were shocked by what they have found. The tent was cut and everything was damaged. Members of the group were killed brutally and some of them were cut in pieces For example; ears, legs, and hands were found in different parts of the place. Maybe they found one or two bodies, which were not cut in pieces but they were damaged as well.”

A: “What do you, or other people, think happened to them?”

B: “There are 5 theories people believe in.

1)    Something to with KGB. I think there was a hidden military base around the area. Group had to be killed because they saw something they should have not, like a secret operation. But this doesn’t make sense to me since KGB wouldn’t kill them this brutally.

2)   Yeti. Apparently, there are Yetis in the are and this makes sense to me, because when you see the pictures of what is left of these people, you think they are attacked by a monster. No officials materials were revealed about the event and it was a classified case. Many people heard that the tent was opened from inside, but there was blood outside. The thing that killed them was out of this world.

3)    There was a maniac like a cannibal who killed them brutally.

     I don’t remember the other theories but this case is still a mystery. I can’t come up with a reasonable answer.”


This event is very famous and known widely. For another version of this legend, you can check the movie “Devil’s Pass” by Renny Harlin.