Easy comes, easy goes

Background: Ivana is a 19-year old student at USC, studying Public Policy and Diplomacy. She is from Ohio and moved to Los Angeles when she started USC as a freshman.


Original script: “Của thiên, trả địa.”

Translation: “Easy comes, easy goes.”

Background Information about the Piece by the informant: This phrase means that things that come easy to you can leave just as easily. You can lose or spend very easily, whereas if you work hard to get something or someone’s love, then that will not be easily lost. Ivana heard this proverb from her mother when she was younger. She forgot what context it was used in, but now this proverb is a frequently used expression in her household.

Thoughts about the piece: I think this proverb is very true. It reminds the listener to work hard to get the things they want in life. Nothing ever comes easy. Once you are an adult, nothing is spoonfed to you; you have to fight for what you want. This proverb reminds me as a student that I must work hard and tightly grasp onto the things that make me happy. Only by working hard will I ever be able to truly own or take ownership of something.