Eating Custom – Chinese

Folklore: Eating custom

Eric: The closer you hold your chopstick to the bottom end, the closer you are to getting married. If you hold it very close, chances are you’re marrying your neighbor. I think from my mom.

Angela: The closer you hold to the tip, that means you’re going to be close to your parents geographically, you’re going to end up close to home, if you hold it to the tip, that means you’re traveling far away. I heard just from my extended family.


It’s related to how family is a big thing. You want to predict where their children are going to end up. It’s kind of like, if you’re away from your parents, then you left for real.
My Analysis:

Because Chinese people grow up with the idea that respecting your elders (whether they be your parents, grandparents or other relatives) is of top priority, moving away from them is nearly a sign of disrespect. Moving far away from your family, which should be the core of your life your, shows how you actually really do not love your relatives and want nothing to do with them. Even if no words are said, this would be extremely offensive.  In old Chinese customs, children are also expected to take of their parents when they get old. So parents are always anxious that their children will suddenly leave them.  To have a light-hearted superstition like the chopsticks one masks these underlying fears.