“Egg Smashing”


Whenever someone in our family gets a new car, the first time we go on a long trip the car has to drive over and break eggs for good luck. It was always a big eventful moment when my dad would get in the driver’s seat and we’d all stand outside the car and cheer when he ran over the eggs, one behind each tire. Then of course because my mom was a clean freak, we had to spray off the driveway and the tires with the hose before we could actually leave on the trip. But that moment of cheering with me and my brothers was always worth it.


I have no fucking idea why we do this, it’s just a thing we do. I don’t know any other families that do it; I was always kinda proud of this tradition just because I didn’t know anyone else who did it. I liked it cuz it seemed like a great way to celebrate the journey and then after the trip when we came back and were all really tired and ready for home, it was awesome to see the driveway and remember how cool the trip started out and why we took it in the first place.


We just did it before the first long road trip in a brand new car.

My Thoughts:

This reminds me of christening a ship before its maiden voyage. I’m sure there has to be some sort of connection ideologically. Otherwise, I like what my informant said about it being a good opportunity to liven up and celebrate an otherwise uneventful departure.