Encounter with Aliens

Context: This personal experience come from the informant’s mother and focuses on a freaky encounter with aliens that happened when they were young girls and having a sleepover with no adults in the house. This was in Costa Rica.


Informant: “So it was on this farm late a night and my mom and aunts were having a sleepover with a friend and it’s lights out, midnight, quiet, everyone’s asleep. Suddenly, the whole house lights up the entire field and it’s so bright they couldn’t see outside, sort of like a flash but permanent and blocking out everything. Like a beam. So, they couldn’t see and there was a loud noice. They were all scared and didnt know what to do and so they hid under the bed and they keep hearing this noise and then it goes quiet and then after a little bit there’s no lights and no noise and they were so scared they didn’t go outside that night and went back to sleep until the morning to check what it was. When they come out the field of the entire farm was burnt and it was huge and it was all burnt and it was a perfect circle. Apparently my aunt peeked during when the aliens arrived but never wanted to talk about it not even with her own daughter so whatever she saw really freaked her out.”


This memorate further strengthens the typically tropes one sees and hears dealing with aliens. There’s the burnt circle which is suppose to signify the presence of the circular UFO and the bright lights and the big open empty field are also heard with a bunch of stories. Because so many of these memorates have those connecting themes it makes the urban legend seem even that more believable and that’s why people seek to share these stories so they can find similarities. I think the sharing of alien stories all can reflect on this bigger general curiosity of whether or not there’s another type of intelligent life form somewhere out there in the world, on other planets, or other galaxies since many find it hard to believe humans are the only ones and that Earth in the only planet that is inhabited.