Every dad is a father, but not every father is a dad.

My friend told me this proverb that his mother used to tell him to emphasize how important his dad was to his upbringing and his development as a man.  He said that when he was mad at his dad and wouldn’t speak to him, his mother would talk to him and remind him of all of the good things that his dad had done for him throughout his life.  This resonated with me because I realized how much it means to be a dad in modern society.  To be a real dad, and not just the father of a child, means giving yourself entirely to your child and being there to raise them and give them advice as they mature.  As we talked about the proverb, I realized how even though some dads have different methods of raising kids, they all still want the same thing for their children: for them to grow up healthy and live happy lives that are fulfilling.  It takes a dad, and not just a father, to want that for a child.