“Everything happens for a reason”

“Everything happens for a reason”


“Um so my mom is very optimistic, or I don’t know if that is the right word, but she is more optimistic, she looks at things in a positive light then a negative light. I tend to focus on the immediate, this sucks now … my mom is very … encourages reflection on events that have happened, and because things have happened, believe that God has a plan, and I try to see it that way.”


Does religion influence this proverb for you?

“Not particularly for me, I’m agnostic, but my mom grew up in a Baptist home. It does for her, not necessarily for me. I believe my individual choices are what happens, but eventually all of my decisions are all for a reason, I will figure out the reason later. Whether is it a lesson or to bring it to someone else. Like if I didn’t join Gamma Phi Beta, I would have never met Kat, or you guys, I joined the sorority to meet even more great people outside of the house.”


What do you see as the significance of this proverb?

“The significance, is that even though she is not here, I think of stuff, I remember everything happens for a reason, I feel like she is still there with me, I am not on my own.”



The informant sees this proverb as a connection to her mother and a reminder to see every decision and outcome optimistically. To the informant, each choice leads to something valuable or useful.