Ex-Patriot Jokes

Informant was the wife of a Naval Officer, and before then, a teacher working abroad, and so had been immersed in other cultures for much of her adult life. Even in her youth, growing up in Arizona, she had been involved in other cultures, but the one cultural bit of information that was uniquely her own, was her cultural group of Ex-Patriots while traveling. So she shared one Ex-Patriot joke she remembered from her time living and teaching in Bahrain.

Author: Do you remember any stories that you guys heard when you were um, first starting to live as ex patriots or like, when you first started moving to other countries did like, other people at the Navy base tell you like… Uh. Ways to cope, or things that you could do, like home remedies in case anything happened or…

Informant: The military always had a good support system.

Author: Were there any in jokes that you had with any other moms, or um?

Informant: No, I remember they had, when we, again this is the second time when we were back in Bahrain, they had jokes where “You know you’ve been in Bahrain too long if… [Pause for effect] You walk inside a building and put on a sweater.” [Light laughter.] Because it would be so hot outside and it would be freezing inside.

Author: Mmhmm.

Informant: And you know you’re in Bahrain too long if…. You know… If… [Secretive Glance and makes a face, then whispers.] That’s the only one I know!

Author: [Laughter] That’s okay!