Eyelash Wishes

One habit that I have is when an eyelash falls on my cheek or in someone else’s cheek; I blow it or tell them to blow it and make a wish. The first time I did that I was in middle school and an eyelash had fallen on my cheek and I hadn’t noticed. A girl came up to me and took it off my cheek and put it on her finger and told me to blow it. She told me to make a wish. And that’s how I started. I liked that girl so I kept doing it. It is meaningful because (pause) I think it was a start of a beautiful friendship, and after that happened I really became close friends with that girl. It just kept me doing it, with different people. And coming from her I think it was nice because now I actually think that my wishes will come true.

I think Thomas was more concerned about the relationship he built with the girl than the consequence of making a wish and realizing it. I actually have this same superstition of making a wish after an eyelash falls in my cheek or in front of me but instead of blowing it I put it in my chest. That’s how my mom told me to do in order for the wish to become a reality. I am not very superstitious with these things but I do it because everyone does it too. Even though I perhaps have a positive feeling that sometimes it might become a reality, I don’t really have a lot of faith on these things. However, it became an automatic response to an eyelash falling.