Fear Proverb

Black, Indian


18, student

28 April 2011

“Only fear can defeat life”

To Aliyah this quote is all about courage. She is a small black girl who grew up in a rough area of town. All her life she was picked on and tossed around so she had to be brave and stand up for herself. Her dad taught her this and gave her a lion stuffed animal just has his mom had done for him. Together Aliyah and her father share an affinity of  lions and have grown closer.

This is a folk proverb that teaches people to be brave. It has been passed down in Aliyah’s family. When Aliyah learned the meaning, it was in a liminal stage in her life, puberty. She learned that shoe couldn’t cower in the corner that instead she needed to stand up and fight. I interpret this proverb to mean that people should expel fear because living in fear can destroy a person.

Annotation: p. 161 The Life of Pi, Yann Martel

Tim Perille


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