Fiestas de Enero (Festivities of January)

In the small town in Mexico from where my family’s from, the people there beginning preparing for a nine day festival shortly after new years. The celebration is in honor of the Virgin Mary. During this time, the town holds a number of productions such as a competition to elect a “queen” in order to raise money for the church and the celebrations. Kiosks selling food, toys, and many other things are set up near and around the town square and every night for those nine days, many gather to listen to musicians, eat, shop, and witness fireworks outside the church. Games and fair rides are also set up such as loteria and go-carts. During the final night of the festivities, a grand procession occurs in the town square where the queen is announced and people dance, party, and drink all night.

These festivities are an annual thing that people my family and I look forward to every year. They symbolize a very fun part of our culture and community that brings people closer together just to have a good time whilst also helping out our community with money we spend.

These festivities are one of the many things that make me enjoy Mexico. Going out for a good round of loteria followed by good food, buying a toy, and enjoying the loud music whilst throwing confetti around are certainly core memories from my childhood.