Folk Joke/Blason Populaire – Serbian

“What do you get in a room with two Serbs?”

“Three opinions.”

Mike grew up in Sherman Oaks, California with Serbian parents.  “My family originally is from Bulgaria so I grew up through Serbian culture.  My grandfather used to say this joke time and time again.  I never thought it was that funny, but it must be from his generation.  Serbs are known for being extremely opinionated and passionate about debating with one another.  This joke actually reminds of big family dinners with all of my extended family, because these dinners would always consist of arguments and debates ranging from anything, from sports to politics.  It is an appropriate joke to be said at almost any time.”

This folk joke is a form of blason populaire in the sense that it is poking fun at a stereotype, in this case that Serbians are opinionated.  It’s interesting that even though Mike doesn’t find the joke funny, it does remind of big family dinners and a Serbian culture.  While most blason populaire comes from someone who is not tied to the culture in the joke or stereotype, in this case, Mike’s grandfather who is Serbian told the joke.  It is one of the less offensive types of blason populaire, and it is possible that Mike’s family accepts the joke and acts more opinionated in doing so.  This is similar to Irish who drink more as a part of accepting Irish stereotypes and jokes about excessive drinking.