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El Arte de Liar

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El Arte De Liar

The Art of Bundling

The Art of Rolling

“When learning to roll joints or blunts, you find yourself on a very long road to perfection.  People spend years trying to perfect their technique, and the variation of such techniques is truly astonishing.  There are blunt wraps of all shapes and rolling papers of all sizes.  They all serve a slightly different purpose.  Some are rolled with the intention of creating a slow burning pleasurable experience.  Others are rolled with the purpose of burning fast and steady.  Some wraps and papers are flavored in order to mask the smoke, and some are flavorless allowing you to truly savor the rich tastes emitted from the fresh herb.  Whatever your preference, it is best to have a specialty.  Your choice in specialty is not always chosen, as generally, it is inherited by whoever first taught you how to roll.  The basic principle applies to most blunts and joints, you place the ground up grass on the flat surface of the wrap or paper.  You then attempt to roll that item creating a cylinder like shape throughout its entirety.  You then seal the item, either by lighting it or by licking it.  If needed, you place a carb on the end and twist the top.” (A.G.)

Informer Analysis:

“Rolling is considered an art.  You must strive to roll the most perfect joint or blunt that you possibly can, as consistently as possible.  People will often comment upon and complement excellence, but scoff at or ridicule failure.  It is a tough business, but you must aim to always improve until you have mastered your technique.  The reason it is best to specialize is because it allows everyone to bring their own contribution to the table.  If one person is excellent at rolling Js while the other is best at Bs, together you flexibility to smoke whatever you prefer.” (A.G.)

Personal Analysis:

The informant does a great job in analyzing the item.  All I have to add is that material lore is generally classified as that which is made by one’s hands.  It is unofficial and is passed down in order to survive.  The art of rolling fits the bill perfectly.  It is clearly unofficial as there is no one set way to roll.  At the same time, techniques remain alive only as a result of them having been passed down.  It appears that having the ability to roll has become an esteemed component of the smoking world.  It allows the roller to contribute to his/her group of friends, thus contributing to the sense of community and sharing.  People take great pride in their artwork, and in this particular case, it can be recreated time and time again.

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