Folk Speech – Scarsdale, New York



Dave learned this word from his older brother Donnie when he was a Junior in high school.  While the word does not exist in the English language, it means a lot to Dave.  Agreesion is basically the verb to agree made into a noun.  When you use the word, you are saying that you are in a particular state—a state of agreement and accord.  A scholarly individual might wonder why someone would waste their time making agree into a noun, because agree already exist as a noun: agreement. The answer is simple–  Agreesion is a much more powerful word.  It is to be used sparingly and to be chosen wisely.  As Dave explained to me, telling someone that you are in agreement may be grammatical, but it doesn’t convey the same emotion as agreesion.  Agreesion is the best way for someone to express their sincerest and almost obsessive feeling for what has been said.  It is a way for an individual to establish his/her intense and deep-seated state of agreement in so few words.  It is for this reason that agreesion is to be used in rare instances, when someone says something that you love, you have an ample opportunity to reply with the world agreesion.

I find folk speech to be one of the most fascinating forms of folklore.  This is because its origin, especially in the case of a world like agreesion, is so mysterious.  While the English language is extensive, it is only natural that people have their own words which our speech does not recognize as proper.  In fact, people create folk speech in part because they want to create a word that is unusual and unique and not known by everyone who speaks the language, but only by a select few.