Folk Speech “Winners never quit, quitters never win”

Text : “Winners never quit, quitters never win.”

Context: It was a proverb my track and field coach would say right before giving us an unforgiving workout. It has transcended the track and now I apply it to almost every branch of life. I first heard the proverb in my track and field practice from my coach. To me, I see it as an over-explanation of the concept of winning or how to achieve excellence; though the oversimplification puts emphasis on the effect of persistence in regard to achievement.

Analysis: The proverb is a quote used to motivate people whether that be in a competitive setting or in need of motivation. The proverb making its first appearance in a track and field practice sets the proverb’s meaning to one thing and expands it to another, the interpreter’s life. With the proverb in mind, it pushes one to never give up on what they are doing as if they do, they’ll never succeed because quitting guarantees failure. The proverb seems to relate to many athletes and people who are driven by success or winning. The motivation that is also held within the proverb may also be related to many cultures where failure is not an option such as athlete culture, Hispanic culture, or work culture. I can see through the relation between the quote to the informant, that they were moved and changed by the quote, inspiring them to give challenges one more push until they either succeed or resort to keep pushing; failure is not an option to them.