Fraternity fountain run

I talked to a friend of mine about a tradition at our fraternity that is somewhat similar to the USC fountain run at the end of the year.  Instead of jumping into the fountains with all of the fraternity brothers, we use spots across campus to teach our new pledges about the history of the fraternity at USC and to give them advice as they embark on their college experience.  My friend (the informant) talked about what our fountain run meant to him.  He remembers walking to one of the classrooms on campus and hearing a senior talk about the balance between schoolwork and having fun.  Not surprisingly, the senior advocated focusing on the social aspect of the college experience because there will never be a time in our lives to enjoy it like the present.  In my experience, I remember hearing about the rivalry between USC and UCLA, fraternity traditions that have been around for over a century, and how we should maximize our time at USC to ensure that we have the best experience possible.