Gender binary/Gender roles enforced

An argument against the Greek system is that it reinforces and represents gender binary and the adhering of gender roles in society. because only women can join sororities and only men can join fraternities there is an argument that there was a whole entire group of people that are not only excluded in greek life but not recommended to join. There has also been arguments about how fraternities encourage rape culture and the disrespect of women. Because there’s so many rules and regulations in each house that each member has to abide by, greek life can promote the de-individualization of people and promote conformity. Women are supposed to act a certain way and so are mean based on rules made over a hundred years ago. With modern times, these ways of life are not the most appropriate. Because these ways of life are so encouraged, many members are not open and accepting of others’ ways of life if they do not agree. Based on the traditions of the houses, it is true that men are supposed to assume manly roles of strength and gentlemenness while women are supposed to act like ladies and not be too promiscuous or be too “out there”. Sororities and fraternities, whether they know it or not, promote assimilation. I agree with this notion but also the Greek community could expand to solve this problem and then could create new chapters that have new traditions and values that could fit everyone’s views.