German Chocolate Pie

Description (What is being performed):
Many years ago while my father in law was stationed in Germany, post WWII, he had become friends with some of the locals. One in which had a recipe for what she called “Deutsch Choclate Kuchen”, which is German Chocolate Pie in german. This recipe enamored my father in law the first time he had it. So much so that he demanded the recipe. The neighbor did so by writing the recipe on a small piece of paper which he brought home to the states after he had finished his tour. This pie recipe was then passed down to me. It’s has a meringue outer crust and a dark chocolate almost putting like inside. On top goes the whip cream and chocolate chips. There’s nothing i’ve had like it and it always pleases everyone whose had it. Almost always does someone request the recipe. Almost always.
There’s something to be said about rare recipes that have only been passed down through a minuscule lineage, let alone from across the world. The pie tastes better because of it. It’s authentic, not just some recipe you followed by a published cook book. We value those sorts of things around here. May not be good for you, but its a special treat.
About the Informant
The informant is a health nutritionist whose helped cure numerous patients of various ailments of the years. She’s a avid cook who creates various healthy recipes to help aid her clients during recovery.
The Analysis (My Thoughts): 
The informant has made this pie for me before and it is in fact special. It’s not the same as german chocolate cake either. It’s very different. The value of this pie is greater because of the history and exclusivity, which may be a testament to part of the value of folklore. Keeping it in the family sort of speak is special, where as when something is mass produced, a commodified commercialized good, its something everyone has, therefore no longer special.