Ghost Bride

Main Piece:

Participant – “We were staying at a lake place, and I was really little so my parents were there staying upstairs, and my dad like heard someone knocking around in the kitchen and my dad like got up, went down stairs, because he thought it was like one of us like Reid, my oldest brother had like gone downstairs and was out of bed. So, he goes downstairs and he sees a woman in like a white wedding dress sitting at the kitchen table and then gets up and like walks around the kitchen and my dad freaked out so he like… he like tried to say something to her like thought she was a real person, and then he went upstairs and like freaked out. Then the next night he heard it again but he was so freaked out he wouldn’t go downstairs, and I guess the house is haunted, like…it’s known that house is haunted.”


My friends and I were discussing the different ghost stories that we have encountered over our lives or any personal encounters with the supernatural. The participant shared this ghost story with us.


The participant was born in and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana and is currently a second semester freshman at the University of Southern California. She is a Law, History, and Culture major with a minor in Art History. This ghost story was experienced by the participants father than passed on to her.         


I find this ghost story to be very scary because it came from one of my closest friend’s father adding to the personal connection it has to me making it much more believable. In this story, we see another very common figure in ghost stories, a woman in a white dress. However, in this situation the women is tied to the house in some way. Originally the participants father lacked belief in the supernatural but after this encounter his opinions were vastly changed.