Ghost Car Alarm


My informant, from Fresno California, recounts a paranormal experience.

“So here’s my ghost story. So. Last January, so January of 2022, my grandfather’s wife, so I guess my step-grandmother, died pretty suddenly. And that summer, we went to go visit him at his house, right? And we were there. And then all these little weird things started happening. Like, my grandfather gave me this pair of sunglasses that had been his wife’s and I put them down in a very obvious location but when I went to go back for them, they weren’t there. So I was like ‘Oh my god, is she hiding them from me?’ and then my mom was looking for them, and she was like ‘You know, if you don’t want her to have the sunglasses, that’s fine, but can you just show me where they are?’ and then she turned around and they were right there!

Another thing, is we were just sitting in the house and my step-grandmother had this car she liked to drive, and it hadn’t been used in a while, and all the sudden, the car alarm just started going off out of nowhere! And apparently that’s like a thing, like my mom said when her grandmother died, (she told me this story way before this happened) randomly the car alarm would go off in the grandmother’s car and people were brought over to look at the situation but could never figure out what was wrong with the car.”


“It’s like a thing I guess, like if you believe in ghosts, that ghosts will tamper with electricity and things like that to communicate because they’re limited. 

“I think it’s possible it was her ghost. I mean, I don’t know if I really believe in ghosts, but enough people have had enough supernatural experiences that I think it’s something to entertain. I guess it just means that she’s still around. She was there, or her spirit was there.”


I found it interesting that both the informant and her mother had experienced the phenomena involving their grandmother’s car alarms going off as a form of haunting, adding a generational element to the paranormal encounter. The informant’s tone indicated that the spirit or force was not dangerous or malevolent. She emphasizes that the experience just means that maybe the spirit of her grandmother is still around. This implies a belief in a soul that can exist outside of the body, and perhaps in an afterlife, although the informant did specify that she did not necessarily believe in ghosts (but is open to entertaining the idea).