Ghost Story – Southern California

“So the story behind pipes is as follows. It is located now where Cal State Channel Islands is. Where that is right now there used to be a mental asylum. And uh in the 80s when it was a really famous mental institution and it is rumored that the song hotel California was written after it. It was really well known for its doctors but had a ton of crazy people. There was this one section of the hospital that they put all the really crazy people that going to die because they were so crazy. A lot of people killed themselves in the wing of this hospital. In the 80s, Regan stopped the funding for the mental patients, and all the mental people go to the streets. In the early 90s, they built Cal State Channel Islands and they tore down the hospital except for the wing where people killed themselves out of respect and there is a lot of rumors or it being haunted. While it was being built, construction workers would hear strange noises and have strange things happen to them. So um, now that the school is there, you can drive through the campus and drive to the spot where the mental institution was. They still have everything there. If you go at night, and get close to the windows, as you walk up you can hear the faint sound of the metal clanking together and it starts off really slow and really soft, very faint. But you can defiantly hear it once you start walking toward the building. The closer you get to the building the louder the sound become and the faster it goes. The rumor is that clanking is the warning from the Ghosts of the people that killed themselves, their chains clanking against pipes that they were handcuffed against. The Rumor is that if you go close enough to the windows, you yell, “Knock once if you want me to stay and knock twice if you want me to leave!”

The first time that he went was on Halloween with a group of friends. Just as before when he approached he heard the clanking of metal and picked up in tempo and loudness as they approached. Once all out front the main breeze way, on of them yelled, “Knock once if you want us to stay and knocked twice if you want me to leave!” Immediately after, they heard two knocks on what appeared to come from an adjacent window followed by a cease in the clanking. After they sprinted off back to their cars and left. Another time he went with his friend Jeremy that is fearless wanted to go closer, and the knocking was getting louder. It was a lot darker in the courtyard once they got in front of the entryway. They started to be able to see their breath, which is usually an indication that ghosts are around. One of the kids he was with wanted to go into the wing. He walked up to the window and knocked kind of hard three times jokingly not expecting a response. Immediately afterwards, three knocks came from the other side stronger and angrier than before and they sprinted out of there.

After hearing his account, I think that I have become a believer. I look forward to the opportunity to go there and experience this for myself. His story seems very believable and the tone that he told it in had me on edge. I have also heard others at this school talk about the similar experiences that they have had when going to pipes. I know need to go see it for myself so I can confirm if these stories are true or not.

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