Gravity Hill, Pasadena

‘There’s this place in Pasadena called Gravity Hill, and it’s this very foresty, old area of Pasadena where there’s a lot of oak knolls. And I never done it myself, but I remember people from my high school would go. You need a car, first of all, and you drive up to the top of the hill, right at the precipice, and they sit there for a while, and I dunno when exactly, but they somehow feel like they’re levitating. It’s like gravity is reversed there, right at that one sweet spot. But I’ve heard it from many different people that they’ve all felt the same way. And they felt like everything was lifting up right now. They stay in the car and they don’t lift up out of the car but the car itself feels like it’s levitating. You go because it’s a myth, and it seems cool, but it’s also spooky in a kind of, you have to find out yourself kind of way. ‘

This piece of folklore is a legend quest of sorts because it’s an event action that you undertake to prove or disprove the theory going around about the weird things that happen on Gravity Hill. This legend quest is also particularly intriguing because it involves the mysteries of the supernatural and the unexplainable, which is always fascinating and also exciting, because it’s unknowable what will happen when you’re there. The remote location is also key in this piece of folklore because it means that the participants have to undertake a sort of journey to get to the special location where magical things await them.