Hair-cutting superstition

Background Information: Fatima is a Sophomore in college, and she grew up in a Muslim household in San Diego, CA. While not a devout believer herself, , her mother is, and as such has some beliefs and superstitions that she does not necessarily follow herself. Throwing one’s hair in the ocean after cutting it, for example, is one of them.

F: So, ok, so whenever I cut my hair, my mom says that I have to put it into a plastic bag and throw it into the ocean, otherwise someone is gonna steal it and do voodoo on it, and it’s because she’s Muslim, and apparently it’s a Muslim thing.

A: Do you actually follow it then?

F: Um, I personally just always cut my hair at home… I don’t throw it in the ocean, like I normally just throw it away just because I don’t really believe it, but every time my mom cuts my hair she’ll actually bag it up and throw it in the ocean.

Thoughts: Like what we discussed in class, the origins of many folk beliefs are unknown, or become lost. I find this interesting, especially in the case of superstition, as superstitions are often ingrained into the way people live their lives.