Haunted hospital in New Orleans

I wanted to include at least one ghost story in my folklore contribution so I asked some of my friends if they knew any good stories of ghosts haunting people today.  One of my informants brought up the time he went to New Orleans for Mardi Gras one year and took a tour of the city.  He remembers hearing on his tour about a hospital in the region of the city near Lake Pontchartrain that is said to be haunted by the ghosts of some of the elderly patients who didn’t make it out during Hurricane Katrina.  He remembers hearing some of the stories of people who have visited the hospital (now abandoned) who heard or saw what they believed to be ghosts.  He said that his tour guide mentioned that to this day, no company plans on rehabilitating the hospital because of its gruesome history and what happened to many of the patients in the aftermath of the hurricane.  To me, this is an indication that people continue to avoid situations in which they may be confronted with places associated with morose histories.