Haunted House with German Shepherd

The informant explains that as a young girl growing up in Fullerton, California there was a house near her home that all the neighborhood kids believed to be haunted.  She recalls that the house was always had extremely overgrown, wild grass on the front lawn and was also completely dark.  All the neighborhood kids were afraid of the house because the owners were believed to be extremely scary and low-life’s, but more frighteningly owned a ferocious German shepherd.  There was a legend of the German shepherd once being able jump over the fence and bite a young girl who was simply passing by the house.  This story enhanced the fear of the house tenfold and made one wonder and create stories about the power of the German shepherd in that house.

The informant’s story of the haunted house is interesting as is displays children’s fascination with scary stories and ability to embellish stories.  In all likelihood the owners of the house were rather normal people with a German shepherd with normal strength and abilities, but the fascination of the story leaves children intrigued and curious.