Haunted Local Movie Theater

My informant comes from a very interesting small town in Oregon, and she told me about a local movie theater that just about everyone in her town knows is definitely haunted. The theater itself, like most things from my informant’s hometown, has a bizarre origin.

The Palace Theater in Silverton, Oregon was created by a previous mayor (interestingly, this person was the first transgender mayor in the United States. This has less to do with the theater being haunted and more to do with the fact that it is really odd that this small country town would have accomplished such a progressive milestone). The theater burned down years ago due to a fire started by an unknown cause. It was eventually rebuilt, but now the residents of Silverton believe it to be haunted.

My informant gave me a memorate from her friend who worked at this movie theater. Supposedly, one night when she was closing up, she heard a young girl asking for help despite the fact that nobody else was in the building. On another occasion, a light shattered right when my informant’s friend walked directly underneath it.

Whether or not one truly believes in the existence of ghosts, it is worth noting that the residents of the town seemingly all have their own supernatural experiences with the Palace Theater.