Hawaiian Legend: The White Lady of the Pineapple Field

Type: Ghost Story/Legend

  1. “In the pineapple fields of Hawaii, there was a ‘white lady’ in fields that scared us as children. She was a ghost or a spirit or something, and she wore only white. The pineapple fields were pretty big, you would just walk there, explore, have fun, and it was all good. But, if YOU EVER DROVE through, the spirit of the ‘white lady’ would attach herself to you as you drove by. The threat she posed was invisible, so no one ever knew exactly what would happen if she attached to you but if she did, we only knew that it was really bad. You almost didn’t even want to know that’s how bad her reputation was. It was just intended that doom was imminent. It still creeps me out today thinking about her actually (laughter). The legend was probably invented by the pineapple company to keep people out of the pineapple field, but we never found out the truth.
  2. I obtained this piece of folklore from a family member, Jeff. Jeff is in his late 40’s, and he spent eleven years of his life in Hawaii, where he was born and raised. Living on an island, Jeff had lots of freedom, as you could never really get lost on the island. Him and his friends explored the nearby pineapple fields, even though they really weren’t supposed to. They would run around, play games, and look for interesting “finds” in the pineapple fields. Although, him and his friends were always careful because of the legend.
  3. Hawaii grows many types of tropical fruits—a large source of capital for the Hawaiian economy. One of which is pineapple, and because of the economic gains, the fruit is grown in large fields. Therefore, it would be bad for the economy for these fields to be tainted with and or treated badly. This superstition is passed around friend groups and others who would go explore the pineapple fields.
  4. I think that my cousin was right, and the folklore was created by the people in charge of the pineapple field to prevent people from coming into the field, but more specifically driving through it or around it. Driving through it would hurt the crops and going around it might inspire people to come explore.